Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your Sassy Photographer

20 things about me
1.       I was born and raised in Alaska, I had a very adventurous childhood and probably seen more wonderful things in Alaska then most will in a lifetime, No I did not grow up in an igloo but I spent many winters trying to build one, No I didn’t ride dog sleds to town, but I did have my share of fun on atv’s and four wheelers actually s dog sled is something I have never been on, all of my siblings and my daddy still live in Alaska so I get to go Home when I can which is never nearly enough.

2.       I am a girly girl , if it sparkles or comes in pink I’m smitten, but I can get dirty with the boys as well I just look cuter doing it, I love to go shooting, paintballing, being outdoors, driving fast, and a little bit of an adrenalin junkie, I can bait a fish hook, pitch a tent and pump my own gas however if you give me an option of a 5 star hotel or roughing it I would choice option number one J

3.       Pink is my favorite color, my favorite TV show growing up was Beverly hills’ 90120 who wasn’t  swooning over Dylan McKay, now days I have a love/hate relationship with Greys Anatomy, but I do also find joy in a TV night with my hubby watching duck dynasty, storage wars and pawn stars, I have always Loved Music, I love how it invokes a feeling or sends you back to a time and place, Madonna was my idol growing up and I am a Blockhead for life, New Kids on the Block had a shrine on my walls as a  young girl, however as I grow older I have learned most celebrates are Craaaaaazy and I should be their Idol ha-ha My favorite movie is Grease Yes I Love Musicals, but My Hubby and I are little of a movie junkies and we spend many weekends at the theaters seeing a movie 

4.       I love to read, cook for my family, bake cupcakes, you will find me having a dance party in my kitchen and singing along to any music on the radio and I enjoy doing anything that gets the creative juices flowing which is Why I Love to being a Photographer, being able to find the beauty in a setting and turning it into a perfect moment,  seeing others smile is my favorite,  and I Love to Run, Running is my way to clear my head and have some quiet me time and good massage or pedicure is nice now and then but my go to relaxation is me, my running shoes and my iPod.

5.       I am the oldest of 5 I have two sisters and two brothers, I am an Auntie of four nieces and four nephews, My Family means the world to me, we are defiantly like Fudge Yummy and Sweet with a Mix of Nuts but Family is just that the root of who you are and will always remind you where you came from By blood or marriage I LOVE my Family more than anything

6.       I have been married twice in my life both times to the same Man, I watched my Husband grow to the Amazing Successful and Kind Man he is Today, he was my High School Sweetheart , He gave me the Gift of Four Fantastic Sons, we have grown up together and been through many ups and downs together and there is nothing more of a blessing then to come to the end of a road with someone you love only to find that there is a path that leads you to the road of forever Falling in Love with your Best Friend all over again and Saying I Do once more before God and Your Family, I am so Incredible Blessed to Grow Old with the Love of My Life and the One Person in this world who Knows me better then I know myself

7.       I am a Mother of four Boys, I gave birth to Identical Triplet Boys when I was 17 who are Now 17 and Seniors in high school themselves , Time Flys when you are having Fun They are My Inspiration in life My youngest Boy is 9 going on 21 he is My Baby and the Monster I created he keeps me on my toes and I learn how in my old age that patience is the key to all things, I have been the Teen Mom, The Single Mom, The Soccer Mom, The Stay at Home Mom,  The Young Mom, The Hockey Mom, and I have even at times been “ THAT” Mom  but no matter I Love being a Mom

8.       I believe people come into your life for a reason, be it a short time and a small life lesson or a long time and a life time of happiness and friendship and everything in between , I don’t like goodbyes and I don’t let go of things that mean something to me easily so that is why I still to this day have friends in my life that I have had since I was six years old, friends that have been through things or in a stage of my life that means something to who I am today and each friend near or far whether we talk once a year or once a week will always have a place in my heart

9.       I met Two of My Best Friends on the Internet on My Space to be exact and it was  a Love Connection from the Start I could not imagine my life without either of these two ladies, One Brings out the creative side in me, she is the friend that is so well rounded and I Love to just sit and talk with about everything cause it’s never a dull moment with her, the other has such a big heart she never has anything mean to say about anyone will always find the positive in every situation a true ray of sunshine in my life not to mention she is my favorite person to go shopping with, and My other Best Friend was my very first friend I had in Utah 10 years ago we have been through so many good and bad times and she is more of a sister to me than anything, I know I can count on her for anything and you bet I will be the first in line to have her back, she is the friend that when I need a good laugh or a good cry she knows it and she is there

.   My Favorite Food is Chinese However I Love Spicy food and seafood also

   Chocolate Ice Cream is the way to my heart, but when we go to baskin robins I always order rainbow sherbet with whip cream and sprinkles  it reminds me of my little sister who I miss everyday and wish she was closer to me growing up we were not as close unless you messed with her then you would know who I was but as we are not both older and mothers and wives my sister is a big part of my life and my day to day being love you sissy 

   I Love to Travel and as hard as it is for me to realize that we are getting into the “empty nest” stage of life I am so excited to Travel the world with my Cute Husband and see and experience so many different and neat things we defiantly have a very Exciting Bucket List for Travel

.   My favorite job I have ever had was when I was a Loan Officer at a Credit union, I think because I worked my way all the way from the bottom as a part time teller to where I was before I left and it was such a great family atmosphere even where we were robbed at gun point I still enjoyed going back to work every day after eeeek, I ran my own business for 4 half years selling lie Sophia jewelry, it was such a great experience I found out things about myself I would of never known and I met so many new and wonderful ladies through the business whom most of them I still call friends today at my high I was a Division Manager and as hard as it was for me to walk away Retiring from the business was the best thing I could of done for me and my family Yes I am Retired. 

   I am partially deaf in my right ear 

.   I don’t like liars I am a pretty forgiving person and I tend to always give the benefit of the doubt but if you lie to me it may take awhile for me to be able to trust you again, If you hurt me I may forgive and forget but I may be a bit more timid with you out of protection for myself of being hurt again 

   My Favorite place in the world is Disneyland Yep I am one of those people deal with it…. 

.   I am a pretty Stubborn person at heart, when I get my mind set on something I tend to not want to give up on it or change my ideas about it , change is hard for me and I am learning still to this day that it’s ok to go with the flow sometimes 

  Sassy Pants is my nickname, I may come across as a shy type at first and I may tend to be a wall flower in a large group of people but when I am comfortable and in my own element I can be quit sassy 

.   I’m a Morning Person When it is time for me to go to bed You will know J

.   I believe in ghosts and the super natural and that we all have Angels who look after us each day

Sunday, January 20, 2013

touch of sass studio is OPEN

this was my first session in my studio with my friends cute kids
i am so excited to do more of these so if you are interested contact me :0)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I got to try a New Location with a Fun Beautiful Family over the Weekend, WOWZERS how adorable are they and I was loving the outfit choices, I am hoping to have these kiddies back for More Photos Since they were so much F U N