Session Preparation

Clothing is an Important part of planning your session. here are a few tips to prepare

Chose clothes with out logos you want these photos to be timeless

Simple is Best, Busy Patterns can be Distracting

Accessories are Always a Plus, bracelets, scarves, hats, hair bows

You Do Not need to Match your Family with the same Colors or Clothes
what works well is a similar color palette

Remember to choice clothes that will make You and Your Family Comfortable

If you need Help with this Please feel free to contact me at any time
and when Buying New Clothes Try them On Prior to Your Session

Things to Bring to the Session
Hair Brush
Water Bottle
Any Props
Wet Wipes for Kids

Bribery for Kids is good like fruit snacks or goldfish
save the chocolate and suckers for after the session is Over

Final Payment for your Session

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