What to Expect

The first few minutes of the Session are for us to become familiar with each other, this is an important time to get the jitters out of the way, Yes the camera can be intimidating but remember this should be an enjoyable time, Lets Chat and become Friends

If I am photographing Children I like to remind the parent not to advise them to "Say Cheese" This will not give you a Natural Smile, as a Photographer I want to capture those moments that you will treasure forever, its important to get silly grins and that may take some clowning around to obtain,
You may see me do a silly dance or make a Funny sound and even say Silly words like "poop" yes Poop that gets a Smile every time !!!
But these goofy activities will make for a true laugh or beautiful smile, I may ask for you to pull back a few feet and pretend you are not looking so your child doesn't feel like they have to perform for you. Do not be Offended and remember it will provide you with the Best Results

During your session you will notice there is a lot of clicks on my camera. I take multiple photos of the same pose to ensure I get the Best Shot, That is the photo from the series you will receive

Do Not feel you need to hold a pose, some of the Best photos are those of you being Candid and Comfortable Remember this should feel Natural not Fake, So even as I suggest poses and positions Stand as You would and Be You not a Statue

If this is a Family Session, Please remember to interact with your Children, Photos that are Most memorable are those of Parents Kissing their babies, dancing, playing and cuddling with them
Allow me to capture Special Bonds that Your Family has
The Moments that are Cherished are The Moments that Happen with out Force

I look forward to Capturing these Memories for you

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