Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prom for Mom

My Boys are Not in High School any Longer they Graduated, But I pushed and pleaded for them to attend Prom their Senior Year, It was one of the Last Times they did something Together and with their Friends as
a Young Teenager and Now all Three of them are busy doing their Own thing in Life, But I look back at these Photos often and They make me Smile, I know they too are so Glad that they did attend Prom
and made those memories...

We are always in such a hurry to Grow up and be an Adult when we are just that for so much longer in our lives, being a Child and a High School Senior truely is one of the Best Times in Our Lives being an Adult is OVER RATED HAHAHA!!!

18 Years Goes by So Fast

18 years ago I Became a Mother of Not 1 Not 2 But 3 Bouncing Baby Boys....  Being a Mother of Triplets
you are very Busy always, Three times Everything that comes with raising a Child But when My Sons Turned 18 this year I felt like I blinked and we were Here already, I found Myself in disbelief that 18 Years has gone by , I guess what they say is True Time flys when you are busy having Fun...

Turning 10 is a Big Deal

My Son turned 10 this year and I wanted to make sure it was a Big Deal for him Well because it is a Big Deal

 I Decorated the Bathroom Mirror with a FUN Birthday Message

 He had a Fun Ninja Birthday Party with Friends

 He Loves Pancakes so I made a Big Stack on His Birthday morning topped with Sprinkles and Whipped Cream and a Candle to Make a Birthday Wish
I even Decorated the Windows on Our Truck to Say Honk for Caden Turning 10 Today
he was Embaressed at first But then He really liked it cause everyone was Honking and Wishing Him a Happy Birthday on his special day....

Ninja Birthday Party

This Year My Son wanted a Ninja Birthday Party and it was his 10th Birthday so I took to Pinterest to find some Ideas to make the day as Awesome as I could for him and this is what I came up with

First I decided to Make Fushi "Fake Sushi" this was easier then I thought It would be and didnt take to much time at all to get them all made and My Son loved the left overs haha

 Rice Crispys made as Directed on Box
Wax Paper
Fruit by the Foot " place in Fridge before using they unroll better"
Gummie Worms
Twizzlers Green Ones
Switish Fish
and Chocolate Sauce "for soy sauce"

place the rice crispys on the wax paper push flat
layer a gummie worm and twizzlers long ways 
and roll the crispys in the wax paper 
then remove from the wax paper and roll the fruit by foot around the outside
before cutting off the ends and cutting circles 

for the fish ones cut crispys in chunks
place the candy fish and wrap a peice of fruit foot around to hold

we had other yummy treats to go with the Fu Shi also 

 The Birthday Ninja and Friends Colors Throughing Stars and used them later for an Obstocle course we made in the back yard for them to play with

 We had a Ninja Photo Booth to take Fun Pictures of each Friend who Attended and the Birthday Ninja

Thank You Gifts came in Take Out Boxes with Chop Sticks and filled with Fun Goodies

All in All his Birthday as a Ninja was a Success !!!!

Its so Hard to Say Goodbye

Today this Family sent Their Connor off on His Mission in Mexico, I just Adore this Young Man he was so Fun to get to Know during Our Boys Hockey Season and His Family was so Much fun on this Last Minute Photo Session .... and My Heart goes out to My Friend and His Mommy Today I know how hard those first Goodbyes can be....

On another Note have you ever met someone and you felt like you have seen or met them before... but to find out there was no way you could of not paths crossed until just then... When I first met Brenda that is how we both felt I have seen you before, met you before..... Nope Not at all.... we were Just Ment to be Friends... Sisters in another life :0) and I just Adore her as well <3

Friday, October 25, 2013

Big Sisters are the Best!!!

This Beautiful Young Lady is a Big Sissy and She asked to have her Siblings apart of her last part of her Session What a Wonderful Thing to Include them in her Big Year and Memories for her High School Senior Year

Halloween Mini

I have done or tried to do atleast One Mini Session every Month this Year and Each Month I say This was My Favorite One... I Love them All from the planning stages, to the putting together what My Vision is and Of course the Crazy Busy Chaos of the Actual Day!!!! 10 Minutes goes by so fast But each round of clients I get for every Mini I just Love.... I have got to see Old Friends , And Made Many New Friends from these Minis and I have the CUTEST most Amazing Littles Around I look forward to seeing some That I have seen almost each month the Whole Year How Fun to watch them Grow and Interact with them .... This Part of My Photography Business is By Far My Very Favorite.... I debated if I wanted to do Minis in the New Year
and I got some Advice from another Photographer Friend Ones " Shoot what you Love" and well as much as I Love Photography, and the many different and creative sessions I can have in a Year ... I Truely Love Love look forward to and cant wait to get to the Next Child Photography !!!! My Littles are my Favorite!!!
so I will be doing More Minis in the New Year and This was My Favorite One "until the next" :)