Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our 2014

Normal - conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural


The Year of 2014 has been a Year of Rearranging , We have truly learned the Meaning of Letting go of the Things you can’t control and focusing on the things you can, it’s been a year of making new memories and new traditions as our world has turned a new chapter in life and ready or not here is goes….

The quiet in the house is still hard to get used to, and the reminder that the chaos that once was our lives is no longer , I thrive in the chaos the crazy is what kept me going always on auto pilot and now we are learning to set the cruise control and enjoy the slow ride to where life is taking us, we have a little more control of the wheel as we steer through life it’s a crazy thing when you go from raising 4 boys to only having 1 in zero . 5 seconds at home ,  being a semi empty nest is a crazy thing as you raise your family you think it is never going to come and when it finally does you fight so hard to make it stop and now as you finally let go  you truly see what matters the most in life, Holidays Change, Traditions Change, Routines Change, the way to Shop, Cook, Eat , Clean, Plan , even Your Sleep Routine Changes, But the One thing that never does change is the fact that your survived those years you have those precious memories and it’s time to start making New Ones

I ran 2 Races this year, one in Disneyland…. “Best run ever” and one for my bff mom who is a cancer survivor … note to self I need to do more of these in the New Year & if you have never gone to Disneyland without Kids I highly recommend it


Our Family Trip this Year Bennett’s Party of 3, was our Trip out to VA to see Our Sailor and where he lives and the Naval Base, it was Incredible, We also got to take a Trip to DC while we were there and that was just Amazing the History was so mind blowing we all had a wonderful time Caden was in Heaven finally getting to the one place he has always wanted to go and with his Big Brother who he misses so much defiantly a place we would go back to minus the Traffic


Cory and I both have been getting use to the idea that we are almost the big 40 and so this last year has been a lot about taking care of ourselves a bit more, it’s a work in progress but there have been many hurdles we have gotten over and I’m so excited for the new year and the changes to come for both of us plus losing 30 pounds this last year has been amazing I feel better than I have in so long

Jordan & Whit got to come home in May and spend Mother’s day with me I was so Happy to have them Home with us, and can’t wait until we get to see them in the new year I learned very fast this year being a long distance mom is NOT my thing, I don’t like having my kids so far away from me and in my perfect world they were just down the street from me and I got to see them every day or maybe once a week but in reality that is not the case and it’s something that I am working at excepting the best I can J

One thing I have loved this last year is the time I get to spend one on one with The Kid, since it’s just him and I during the week we get to spend a lot of time together and I love every minute of it and I know soon enough that will change the demon that takes over every teenage boy is coming and I won’t be as cool anymore and he won’t want anything to do with me for a short time that does change again it’s a short lived evil ha-ha!! Anyway our outings and mom & son dates this year have been the best Just the Two of us time, Our Trip to Disneyland and LEGOLAND was so much Fun this year, however he is not as much of a mommas boy as my others the minute daddy gets home its Mom Who and all about the Man of the House J

I got to see Wicked for the second time this year I Love Love Love it!!!!

Ok I maybe a wee bit addicted to Concerts we went to so many this last year and each one was a Blast and Yes I went to Las Vegas 3 times for Concerts but when it’s some of your favorite performers How can  you not and they each were the Best Girls Trips ever!!! I have the very best group of Girlfriends in the whole world

Cooking I don’t do much of it anymore, cooking for 2 people most the time seems pointless, Caden has officially found girls Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heaven help me ha-ha, I have refound the book nerd in me , if I’m not editing, spending time with my hubby & kid or on the phone with my Sissy Yes we talk a lot these days and I Love it even though we are so far apart the bound we have is incredible anyway I’m curled up with a good book , Mondays are truly my favorite day of the week, I get to a whole weekday with my Husband, we get Emails from our Missionary , our other 2 boys do good most the time to Call or Text it starts out the week full of Love and Life,

We have the Best Best Friends ever, It’s such a Great feeling when you finally realize you have a group of people who you call friend but are more like family who share your life with you and you share theres, they truly have your back and it’s no always about going out and having a good time however we do that well too ha-ha but it’s about the bonds and appreciation you have with and for them It’s a big part of Our year because we both look back say wow we are truly blessed with a Great Group of people in our lives these will be our go to people when we are old and grey who will share all our stories and memories and will always be there for us and with us …

We had the Best Couples Vacation this year to Cancun with 10 of our Greatest Friends New tradition was created this Year and can’t wait to go back again!!!! Also went on our first of Many Family Camping trips which was a Blast!!!  Mancation San Francisco happened this year Cory & Buddies went to a 49ers Game weekend,

Touch of Sass photography Grew this Year I am so Grateful to My Clients and New Clients I gained over the year, I can’t express How Thankful I am for each of them and the Many more to come in the New Year, I can’t wait to implement some new Ideas and Changes for My Business in 2015 so Stay Tuned

Jordan & Whitnie Got Married, Yes We have a Daughter in Law, I am not going to Lie I didn’t Love the idea at first, age was a big factor But as the time has gone On I can see How this Journey they have set down has been Good for the Both of them and I am now use to being a Mother in law and I only hope to be as Wonderful of one as the One I have J

Joshua left on His Mission in September to Jackson Mississippi only to be there a few days and he has been in Shreveport Louisiana ever since, even though Josh has not lived with us  for the last year it was still hard to let him go, again long distance is not my thing, and the lack of communication is even harder but his Journey is his own and we Love him no matter what and I am excited for the experience and changes this will bring to his life

Jacob, was the last of the Big Boys to Fly the cope, and it was not easy for any of us and then he too decided to go far far away and it again makes me hate long distances, Miss Him every day and Caden is finally starting to feel the pains of not having any brothers close by but he’s a tough boy and most the time you would not know it bothers him unless you are really listening J and I’m sure My Jakey now that he has spread his Wings will bring many new things in the new year for us to get use too…. Maybe I will get Daughter #2 J

We spend a lot of Time ok I SPEND a lot of time at the ice rinks for Hockey Caden is in a Fabulous New Hockey program this year and the improvements have been so GREAT in just the short time hockey has started again but it takes up a lot of our time in the evenings and weekend early mornings But he loves it and I am so Proud of him he even dedicates each goal to his Brothers and has his own little move to go with it “cute”

The Holidays are Not the Same as your Kids get Older and Now that More than Half have Grown and Flown and The Jig is up with the Big Dude and the Elf well it’s kind of less Christmassy around here Yep it’s sad and It takes some getting used to and Cory will kill me to say this But it is the One thing that makes me Excited to Be The Big G word soon J

The year will end with My Mr. Bennett having Surgery on his Shoulder, Yes My Dear Loving Husband how many times he has taken care of me and nurse me back to health with all the surgeries I have had in the past he decided it was time to cash in the I O U J not looking forward to it but so ready for him not be in pain anymore more poor big baby ha-ha!!!

Everyone is a year older and wiser after bouncing back from one of the hardest and emotional years of our lives last year I, can truly say we are settling into our New Normal

With Lots of Love, The Bennett’s