Saturday, August 17, 2013

D Family evening in the Park

I adore this Family I met them Months ago at a Mini Event I did, and I am always to Happy when I get to see them ... I have Photographed these Children number of times this year, and I was so Excited to be doing a Family Session for them until I found out who their past photographer was and I was Sweating ..... it happens to be a very well known and talented photographer that i admire and only hope to be like one day :GULP: enter panick those are some very big shoes for me to follow in ....eeeek I was so nervous for this photo session which is not my normal im usually so excited and pumped to be taking photographs!!!! But the minute I arrived and the session began the butterflies were gone I was in my creative zone and the finished products were Beautiful ..... I may not be just like the photographers around me who i admire but I am finding My Self , My Niche and I Love it.....

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