Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pinterest Success

So I Love Pinterest, I have fed my Family many yummy meals and desserts from there I have found so many things that I love and Here are a few of the things I have made from Pinterest this year that I am so Thankful that I found

I saved all the Fun things we did and Framed the Stubs and Receipts 
 My Packaging for My Photography Business I Loved the Idea its to bad the place I got the Boxes went out of Business :(
 Sidewalk Paint for Caden to draw with Fun Summer Activity
  Kissing Booth for a Valentines Mini that I have used the Booth many times over the year

 Summer Fun Wish List

 Valentines Box

 Bake Not Boil Hard Boiled Eggs I will NEVER boil another egg ever
 My Kids Hands in a 4 leaf clover

 Minon Cupcakes

 Made My Own Laundry Soap
Loved this so much 
 Witches Brew makes my house smell Delightful

 I Loved making these it was good theropy when my son left for boot camp and I was waiting to hear from him
Green Smoothie the Best Yummy!!!!

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