Friday, May 23, 2014

Its not the Destination its the Journey .....

Its always easy for a Photographer to look at others and wish they were are good or as busy or wish their skill level was the same as another and I too fall in that trap from time to time and I find myself getting down, second guessing what I do, BUT then I look back over the last two years that Touch of Sass has been alive and I see how far I have come, I may not progress as fast or far as others, it may take me a bit longer to be where I would like to be But I have grown, My business is growing and I have the Best and Most Wonderful Clients Ever... I Love Photography I believe that you can never have enough photos, That Memories captured in a Photograph is all you have left of those precious moments in your life so why not save them, birth of you child, a special year, birthdays, dances, engagemets, surprises, weddings, holidays all things that Only as my Own Family started to grow and grow up did I realize just how Important Photos really are...

I am very Blessed to do what I Love, and Offer so Many the chance to save those moments in their lives in a Photo and I may have a ways to go and grow in areas in being a Photographer and I dont doubt that I will get there But I am enjoying the Journey along the way

Thank you to all of My Family, Friends and Clients who most I get to call friend :) for your Support and Trust in Me along the way as well

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