Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Mini Sessions

Ok this Day was seriously the Longest Day of My Life ... well that maybe a bit dramatic But it sure felt that way..... I woke up and did My 5k Mud Obstacle Race that Morning with a Friend.... Which was so Much Fun But I paid for later "im old" haha!!! then i came home to spend some few precious moments with My Wonderful and Loving Husband whom I dont get to see during the week :( "sad face" then as he was helping me load my Truck to head off to spend the early evening with some of my favorite little clients
the sky turned black and the rain started :( "enter a bigger sad face with a big pouty lip" I tried to stay positive " it will pass" so I headed to my Location and the rain and wind got stronger the closer i got to where i was going, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was yelling not so nice things to the sky the whole way...
I got there and parked do I wait, do I dare cancel & try to reschedule... Come on One Hour give me One Hour of No Rain or Wind Please!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!! My first client was set to arrive at 5:20 by 5:30 the sky settled, the rain stopped and I was jumping for Joy!!!! I set up and I greated My Adorable Clients and I got a little Over an Hour of perfect Shooting time for them!!!! Happppy Dancing!!!!!!
I couldnt of been more pleased with how these turned out!!!! even better then I had hoped and if you thought My Day ended there O No... I then said goodbye to my Last Littles packed up and headed to a Fantasy Football party with My Super Hero of a Husband and Our Friends "adult unwind time" ;0) the next Morning I woke up so sore and so reminded that I am Not In My 20s anymore I am barely in my 30s
but all in all it was a Great very Busy Chaotic Day <3

and here is What Yours Truely looked like just Hours before

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