Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Class of 2014 Senior Session

Beings High School Senior is a Very Big Deal, and I had the pleasure of meeting this Young Man who was so Great at Both his Sessions, what a Difference from My Littles, I said sit here and He stayed there until I told him to move haha!!! sometimes I would forget to tell him he could move or lose the smile I am so use to getting 30 seconds to get the shot with my Littles... now I love love love my Littles But This was a who;e different kind of Love, I got to be a bit more creative on the fly which was fun!!!
I wish this young man all the best in his Last year of High School and his Bright Future


  1. THOSE LOOK AMAZING!!! I love it, Ekolu you are such a handsome young man, I am so proud of the man you turned out to be! Love you!