Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ninja Birthday Party

This Year My Son wanted a Ninja Birthday Party and it was his 10th Birthday so I took to Pinterest to find some Ideas to make the day as Awesome as I could for him and this is what I came up with

First I decided to Make Fushi "Fake Sushi" this was easier then I thought It would be and didnt take to much time at all to get them all made and My Son loved the left overs haha

 Rice Crispys made as Directed on Box
Wax Paper
Fruit by the Foot " place in Fridge before using they unroll better"
Gummie Worms
Twizzlers Green Ones
Switish Fish
and Chocolate Sauce "for soy sauce"

place the rice crispys on the wax paper push flat
layer a gummie worm and twizzlers long ways 
and roll the crispys in the wax paper 
then remove from the wax paper and roll the fruit by foot around the outside
before cutting off the ends and cutting circles 

for the fish ones cut crispys in chunks
place the candy fish and wrap a peice of fruit foot around to hold

we had other yummy treats to go with the Fu Shi also 

 The Birthday Ninja and Friends Colors Throughing Stars and used them later for an Obstocle course we made in the back yard for them to play with

 We had a Ninja Photo Booth to take Fun Pictures of each Friend who Attended and the Birthday Ninja

Thank You Gifts came in Take Out Boxes with Chop Sticks and filled with Fun Goodies

All in All his Birthday as a Ninja was a Success !!!!

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